Will the Real Influencers please stand up?

7 years ago, the advertising world had no idea that Influencer marketing would emerge, after all the advertising industry is pretty much set on its ways. We used to rely on magazines, television, radio talk shows to tell us whose who, who to follow and who are the significant ones in the industry. In fact, celebrities dominated everything. Hollywood dominated everything and the only way to make your brand stand out and be a global phenomenon is to either get a billion dollar advertising deal on Superbowl or know the big bosses of major TV networks. Thanks to social media, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube and many other online media platforms we have reached the age of Influencer marketing. The only problem is that there are so many so called influencers nowadays, that we do not know which ones are legit and which social media accounts would really drive influence and sales.

Hence the title, ” Will the real Influencers please stand up?

Frankly, the influencer marketing is still new, and although it has received major backlash from the generation of opinionated social media users- its seems that this method and new way of garnering leads and followers is not going anywhere and is here to stay. It will just be up to the companies to discern which influencers are for real and which ones just go directly to the trash.

So who are the real influencers? Who is a real influencer? Is an influencer someone who keeps on posting their bikini shoot out in the Bahamas? Are influencers the people who keep on bombarding us with their 6 pack abs every chance they get? Are influencers people who make us laugh with absolutely nonsense content?

It will take years before we are able to shape and define. But what we know for sure, is that influence is here to stay. Influence is the one thing that shapes the trends and world around us, because simply put- Influence is anything that causes energy or society to move. What we know for sure is that An influencer is someone who knows their niche and craft well. An influencer could be categorized with real enthusiasts and people who know in depth information. The real influencer can move people in society, the most influential men and women in the business community. Real influencers have a genuine voice and methods of engaging the crowd that is cut above the rest. An authentic influencer is just doing their thing, and brands naturally flock to them because their content makes sense.

Influencers are also individuals who create the trends and inspire people to copy- influencers are the ones who are able to come out with fresh content, relevant content that becomes the talk of the town, and influencers are not necessarily celebrities. They could be an influential teacher, an influential Mayor or ruler in a town who decide to clean up the streets and motivate people to clean up their act. An influencer could be a genuine writer and observer who is able to put authentic thoughts online and get people into action. An influencer is someone who is living the brand, using the items, or living the real lifestyle. Someone who lives with ultimate passion and love for the craft whatever it maybe and speaks with authority over the matter. Influencers are also the ones who are believable, well connected and who strive to provide good and relevant information to viewers. There are many influencers nowadays who are able to bring light on important issues may it be cultural, environmental, political and otherwise. Influencers are categorically the ones who are resourceful, have the fastest and most accurate methods of receiving and providing key information and who have the arsenal to put it out in the most relevant way possible. An influencer is someone who is able to shift and create changes in trends.

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Sothyal. com has carefully selected the influencers on our list. We only work with bloggers and influencers who are really true to their branding- respect and authority on the topic and the ability to gain the attention of readers is key. We also work with some of the best and high performing websites in the world. Influencers coupled with tech know how can do wonders on any campaign you can think of. Strategic influencing, carefully thought out content, genuine, authentic and something that warms the heart and is truly inspired in thought is what makes the ideal influencer-

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In a world where everyone is saying they are influencers- Sothyal.com has created a sure fire way and formula to detect genuine voices- to get past through the illusions- the goal is to drive and create motivated and really helpful content in every campaign. Making sure that the real Influencers in the market are the ones representing the campaign- shaking and moving the world one post at a time.

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