Why Korean Influencers are Preferred by Brands Nowadays?

The Korean Influence or Hallyu Wave has taken over the entertainment industry and there is no signs of stopping. Korean influencers are the most sought after in the world due to their brand influence and capability of producing targeted results.

The influence of Korean online stars and celebrities should never be underestimated. The Korean government became serious in its efforts in improving the image of Korea since 1999 and has since partnered with some of the most beautiful, charismatic Korean influencers the world has known.

Why Korean Influencers?

Korean influencers have solidified their reach on a number of social media platforms on which they showcase their content. Korean influencers and Korean celebrities have amassed millions of followers and fans online via Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other social media platforms including Pinterest, Youtube and Tiktok. Many of these Korean influencers have not even appeared on any Television shows and do not have any films and yet they have an army of online followers watching their every move.

Because of the high impact results of Korean influencers all over the world including the United States, Asia, Europe and Arab countries they have become one of the most sought after by brands. Some of the most influential Korean celebrities and online influencers include the likes of Dara Park who is able to make new cosmetic brands gain instant reputation and following. Most corporate brands prefer to work with Korean influencers due to the proven formula of increasing in store sales.

Truly impressive influencers like Park Seo Jun can fill up an entire arena of 15,000 fans for a simple fun meet, without even needing to set up a full concert, proving the massive influence of Korean stars.

The best part about this, is that they are not as expensive as Hollywood or TV personalities but they are still very much effective and create massive impact with sales. Not to mention the fact that these Korean online influencers have good image, and are known for their good work ethics. A lot of brands tend to work with Korean influencers because they have high trust ratings and they are deemed appropriate for different age groups even fit for children’s products and teenager focused brand campaigns.

The people who follow Korean influencers also turn out to be die hard fans, who are willing to buy and try on products that Korean influencers post on their Instagram and Facebook as well as Youtube. Most of the items promoted by Korean celebrities like Park Seo Jun and Park Hyung Sik tend to sell like hotcakes. It doesn’t matter whether they are a new brand or not, this is why most high end brands like Montblanc and Chanel are already working with Korean influencers and celebrities.

Korean influencers are becoming in demand, not only for fashion products but also for in house partnerships for company events. There is a huge build up of followers globally, may it be in the music scene or in the movie industry.

Work with Korean Influencers:

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