Influencer / Creator

For over a decade now, Sothyal has been in partnership with target influencers that endorse our brands to their followers (our brands’ target customers) on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and blog sites while earning fees, perks from brands, and other incentives from Sothyal.

Diverse Influencers

Our exclusive list of influencers include real estate brokers, bankers, finance advisers, FinTech experts, insurance advisers, automotive experts, chefs, tour guides, gamers, actors, fashion models, DJs, rappers, and more.

Multicultural Influencers in Asia

Brands run localized marketing campaigns, a strategic promotion of the brand, products, and/or services in a specific place, group of people or potential customers, and culture.

Localizing a brand means adapting the brand, products, and/or services to local preferences while taking into consideration of the product and pricing along with other local marketing strategies to serve consumers’ needs.

Localized Marketing campaigns targeting Asian market or consumers who preferred Asian products and services need influencers from different parts of Asia, that know their local culture, and that speak their local languages.

How to join Sothyal Influencers?

Joining Sothyal Influencers requires a rigorous screening process. We don’t want to disappoint our brands, thus we ensure that only the right influencers can get on board. Our system performs automatic assessment of profiles by analyzing influencer’s all social media accounts, mentions and features of profiles on other websites, and online presence or visibility score.

To join the group, contact us.