Do You  Have A Wrong Perception of Influencer Marketing?

There is a huge misconception about influencer marketing, largely due to the fact that we are still grasping the meaning of online marketing. Despite technological advancements a lot of countries are still lagging behind China when it comes to understanding the full impact and use of influencer marketing online.

Influencer marketing was simply defined by some companies as a form of arrogant online marketing that attempts to get free hotel stays and freebies with gullible businesses. There are some people hating on influencers and digital marketers, simply because the power of influence online has not yet fully been explored.

But the ones who are seeing the landscape and the wider aspect of things, realize that influencer marketing is effective but only when done correctly.

There is a reason why, influencer marketing and digital marketing will remain. This is because the best kind of marketer is still human, and that no matter how witty and eye catching an online poster or video is, there is no substitute to a person recommending or speaking about a product.

Understanding Influencer Marketing and Consumers

Companies can always use Facebook ads, Google ads and other online advertising tools, but let’s face it nothing beats a real post from someone we know and trust. Brands pay influencers for their ability to send a message in an engaging manner. People have so much trust issues nowadays – the review of someone they know and someone opinionated in the community would generate much more buzz.

Many people nowadays would rather take the advise of an influential person that they read and follow on a daily basis. Someone who has a good reputation, someone they could trust to vouch for products.

An effective influencer is someone who does not simply post the product, an effective influencer is someone who can educate, and answer essential points about the product they are endorsing. More often than not, an influencers are key figures that are seen to be natural, real and more reliable than any online advertisement combined. Influencers, bloggers and vloggers have the ability to create massive awareness with a select group of people and have the ability to stir up conversations. This is something that typical PR stunts and commercials cannot do.

Influencer Marketing in China

China market is the best example and test study of how effective influencer marketing is when applied correctly. If brands are able to gauge and tap the right influencer it can do wonders. This is because the right influencer will already speak for the brand, create and assume image, and is responsible for keeping the brand relatable. The attention span of humans is only 8 seconds nowadays due to the vast information that they are reading. Which is why brands have a far better chance with micro and nano influencers who can keep on endorsing the product in the most creative way possible.

Online influencers are now surpassing traditional marketing, even celebrities. One example of a successful influencer is Becky Li who hwas 7.5 million followers. With her online influence and ability alone 100 Mini Cooper cars were sold using her WeChat profile in just 5 minutes. Because of this she was tagged as the Chinese “Goddess of Shopping”, because of this she was able to launch her own fashion brand. The same can be said of US online celebrity of Jeffree star cosmetics. These are the new generation of online influencers that are taking the world by storm. Due to how authentic, credible and how engaging their formula and posting is they are able to command real sales power.

Another example of a powerful influencer is Tao Liang, a luxury brand named Givency approached Tao Liang to collaborate on a limited edition Mini Horizon bag for Valentine’s Day. Due to his online influence alone, they were able to sell 80 bags in just 12 minutes. A feat that is not even done by Hollywood A-list influencers. These online followers have so much zeal and trust in online influencers, because of the reliable content. For this reason, the leads were converted into actual sales. This kind of influence is not even exerted by the Kardashians. There is a new and emerging kind of influence online that brands have yet to leverage and understand.

Influencer Marketing Done Right

Influencer marketing boils down to the Science of Persuasion. Online postings are shared in real time, with a targeted audience. For example, a brand that has released a new design of rubber shoes, can tap a local influencer who has massive following and contacts that have the same likes and patterns. Companies no longer have to do the guessing game, they are already tapping directly into the right channel and market leading to faster results compared with radio and TV commercials that speak to a much general population.

Influencers nowadays tend to be everywhere, active and engaging people on a per minute basis. Companies and brands who want to stay ahead of the pack, and who want to remain relevant should work a way and partnership with different types of influencers, per city and per country. Influencer marketing gives companies and brands valuable insight, it is a give and take, and a work in progress but is much more measurable and direct with the audience involved. Influencer marketing companies have the ability to listen to the community and create a results based campaign that is much more honest, safe, carefully curated direct to the point.

Today’s marketing is all about finding influencers that can carry what is true and what is obvious in a brand. The only reason why some influencer campaigns fail is that they are done using the wrong methods, strategies and tactics, but if carried by a carefully selected influencer who is able to embody the lifestyle, one campaign can target 20 million or more audience. Something that usually cost billions of dollars in traditional advertising.

Influencers are much more in depth, in tune with the market since they interact with it on a daily basis. Something that most brands are unable to do. Influencers have the ability to push the products, speak well of the product, discuss the strengths of the product and provide quick leads to respective brands. Influencer marketing whether we like it or not is going to stay and while there is a huge misconception on what it is all about, it is still by far the fastest way to engage with a real audience- it is the future of advertising and marketing and everyone else has to evolve and keep up or get left behind.

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