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social media influencers in asiaWrong influencers can hurt your brand. Numerous companies tap online personalities to endorse their products without checking influencers’ followers. Having more followers does not mean influencers will do the brand justice. Getting more views from the wrong readers never converts into sales—we noticed this, so we formulated a solution to help protect brands.

Sothyal works with real community influencers that can promote the brand with integrity. Influencer means someone with good reputation in the industry and is respected by society. If your business is providing health products, will you allow a fashion model with posts irrelevant to health products but with 500K followers to promote it? This may hurt the brand. Real buyers will think the brand is cheap. Or, would you rather pick a real doctor with only 10K followers but can explain why products work in a well-researched post or short video? Obviously, the doctor is followed by real buyers of health products.

Quality vs. Quantity of Followers

We created a surefire system that connects brands to credible micro to macro influencers. It’s Quality vs. Quantity. One right endorser can boost integrity enough to help you acquire potential buyers and increase sale conversion.

Sothyal works with all types of influencers

For more than a decade of advertising our clients’ products and services, “word-of-mouth referrals” and testimonials by experts and product users have been the most effective organic marketing and the main source of acquiring new customers for the brands we have been managing. Through years and years of working with our referrals and subject matter experts, we have collected a long list of personalities that influence purchasing decision of our brands’ target buyers.

Today, Sothyal maintains partnership with various influencers in Asia from all industry segments such as real estate brokers, bankers, finance advisers, FinTech experts, insurance advisers, automotive experts, chefs, tour guides, gamers, actors, fashion models, DJs, rappers, and more. All these influencers have been working with our clients globally, trusted by top brands and multinational corporations in Asia and Europe.

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