asian influencersSothyal is Asia’s premier Influencer Marketing Agency that connects advertisers from all industry segments to diverse and multicultural influencers. Sothyal works with affiliates, agencies, brands, and various businesses worldwide.

Sothyal is a portmanteau of Spanish “social” and the Filipino spelling of Castilian accent. In the Philippines, it refers to upscale fashion. Labeled as the first Europe of Asia and the first America of Asia in terms of lifestyle and fashion of the ruling elite, the Philippines maintains classic luxury lifestyle among the country’s old and established families whose wealth has been passed down through generations.

And with the newly rich individuals whose wealth is derived from establishing new businesses and expanding their empires, luxury fashion is becoming more mainstream among the nouveau riche not only in the Philippines but also in every corner of Asia, particularly in China, Hong Kong, Macau, Singapore, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Japan, South Korea, and Brunei.

With the demand for expensive clothing to high-end skin care and luxury services inspired by European and American elite, the number of businesses offering luxury products and services to Asian market is increasing rapidly. And the skyrocketing of vendors results in tough market competition.

Sothyal helps businesses to target customers accurately through diverse and multicultural influencers that strategically engage with their followers using proven methods implemented by Agency’s digital marketing, advertising, online reputation management, and public relations strategists.